Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Media Rubbish!

You have to wonder about the media sometimes (only sometimes?).

The grand new Oasis of the Seas is officially launched into Royal Caribbean ownership and makes its way serenely out to sea via the Great Belt bridge in Denmark.

And this is one of the headlines on a so-called News agency:

‘World's largest cruise ship comes within two feet of disaster on its maiden voyage’

Not the fact the ship successfully negotiated a major (and planned for) navigational obstacle and is now ready for a glittering introduction to the cruise community, with the capacity to grab the attention (and interest) of a whole new range of potential future passengers.

No, the ship came within ‘two feet of disaster’. Not just a bit of a funnel-scraping embarrassment but a major, calamitous failure of life and limb. The world’s largest cruise ship was just moments from another Titanic.

What a joke.

Does anyone in this supposed News agency actually bother to read the drivel they pass off as ‘news’ before they put it out there?

Did they bother to think that Royal Caribbean did actually know where the ship was going, what the possible snags might be and how to deal with them capably and without ‘disaster’?

It just goes to show what you have to put up with when you do something epic and ground-breaking. No matter how successful you think you have been, there is always someone willing to insist that you ‘nearly failed.’