Wednesday, 4 May 2011

More Dining Choice From MSC

MSC Cruises is rolling out a new programme across its entire 11-ship fleet to provide more flexible dining choice this month.

In keeping with the industry as a whole and a general move to a dine-when-you-want approach for evening meals, MSC guests can now enjoy a more casual dining experience, with the buffet restaurants introducing an evening service with no fixed sitting times.

Thus passengers are now free to dine at a time to suit them, giving them more choice and flexibility with the rest of the leisure facilities aboard the company's modern fleet.

Younger guests should particularly welcome the idea of short, informal feeds – particularly as MSC’s buffet restaurants will be extending the wide choice available to include the company’s legendary fresh pizza and, on many of the ships, a delicious range of kebabs as well!

In addition, the famly-owned Italian company will now be offering complimentary American coffee and a range of teas not just during breakfast and buffet dining, but 24 hours a day.

These thoughtful innovations are just in time for the big Mediterranean cruise this year, with more ships than ever before plying the waters of the Med, giving passengers even greater choice for a memorable cruise holiday.