Monday, 10 October 2011

Winds Up On Royal Clipper

Day Two, Part Two of my Live Cruise Blog from the deck of Star Clippers...

Now we really are sailing! The wind has come up big style, so much so that we couldn't land at Ponza and are now heading south in the open sea. The weather is glorious and everybody is on deck, listening to sails cracking and the spars and rigging groaning in the wind.

I tried out the swimming pool, which was great; no need to change, my costume was dry in about three minutes after getting out.

Then it was off to get a coffee and pastry from the bar (which are free) and watch the Italian mainland slip by. There are also some new lines in the clothing shop on board to check out.

Now it's off now to the Tropical Bar, which becomes the heart of the ship after supper.

Steve Newman

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