Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Grab An Atlantic Alliance Recipe!

Cruise passengers who enjoy the ports of Europe's West Coast who might also like to sample the cuisines of the region will want to know of a new initiative from port group the Atlantic Alliance.

The member ports are currently celebrating this year’s theme ”Food & Wine” and have prepared a culinary journey of discovery around its famous wine-growing areas, outstanding cuisine and typical national specialties.

The Atlantic Alliance is a marketing association of 18 cruise ports and destinations Hamburg to Lisbon, plus British and Irish ports, and they have created a very special personal recipe book, highlighting favourite culinary specialties.

Spread over 50 pages, the port representatives describe their national “must-try” aperitifs, appetisers, main courses and desserts, all adding up to a delicious 'cruise' through the region. For example the German Grünkohl (Kale), which is a traditional Northern German dish, mainly served during the cold months in late autumn and winter, or the Dutch Wentelteefjes (Dutch eggy bread) always go down a treat at breakfast or brunch on the weekend.

Antwerp's Kattina Glasinovich presents Elixir d‘Anvers, a wholesome liqueur, which has been in existence since 1863. It is made from 32 plants and herbs from the four corners of the world that impart a unique taste to the liqueur. British representatives show how to prepare scones with clotted cream and jam, while Michael McCarthy from Cork demonstrates to cook a real Irish stew.

The Normandy ports offer a huge and rich variety of seafood. Cakes as well the “crepe suzette” are definitely worth a try. The most popular dish of Cantabria is the Cocido Montañes, a stew. Dolores Rois from the Port of Vigo explains the myths and mysteries surrounding the ritual of making queimada, the “fire drink” of Galicia. And last but not least, Lisbon’s clams in garlicky broth are unique and were named after Bulhão Pato, a 19th-century Portuguese poet. Although his verses have been largely forgotten, the dish remains popular throughout Lisbon.

The recipe book may inspire for a European festive menu and is downloadable at:
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