Friday, 1 November 2013

Poll Reveals Top 5 Annoyances For Cruisers

Travelling on a cruise is expected to be one of the most relaxing holidays you can take. Everything is included for you, so there’s no hassle trying to arrange trips, meals and accommodation. But not everything will always go to plan if your fellow cruisers don’t stick to proper cruising etiquette.

A study has been carried out by Bon Voyage into what passengers on cruises find to be the most annoying tendencies that other cruisers might have. Some 1,738 individuals who had been on at least one cruise holiday gave their accounts of their voyages and the opinions they had of them. One thing they were asked to comment on was what annoyed them most about the people they were cruising with.

Topping the list was the mindless chatter of other guests, with 38% of people saying this got
on their nerves the most. Following closely behind, with 27% of people noting this, was having other cruisers invading their personal space. We all know that being on board a cruise means you’re confined to a smaller space than usual and often exposed to the same people, so these top two were not at all surprising! The other top answers to the survey were as follows:

  1. Empty chatter from other cruisers (38%)
  2. Having their personal space invaded by other passengers (27%)
  3. The behaviour of people who’d had a little too much to drink (22%)
  4. Long wait times for food at the buffet or at activities because other guests were taking too long to decide (14%)
  5. Young children being annoying or loud during the cruise (11%)

There were also a number of other, more unusual, responses that were gathered as part of the research. One complaint came in, rather understandably, that the couple in the next door cabin to a man on a three-week cruise around the Med had interrupted his sleep every night with their loud night-time activities! And even more obscure was the response from an elderly couple who had not enjoyed their cruise as much as they would have done had their cabin on a Caribbean cruise not been haunted by a ghost.

Although cruisers responded with these complaints about fellow passengers, they were
quick to follow up with the fact that they did still enjoy their trips. In fact, 94% of people who gave their answers in the poll said the overall experience of a cruise was fantastic, and these were just minor problems.

The benefits of this research have been great for Bon Voyage overall, though. As the Cruise Development Manager Steph Curtin stated: “It is important for cruise companies to be made aware of the certain factors of the holidays that customers did not enjoy, or felt could be improved. A sign of a great cruise company is one that would take these annoyances on board and actively try to improve conditions for all future passengers, and this is why the majority of cruise lines ask customers to complete a survey at the end of their cruise to highlight any areas for improvement.”

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