Wednesday, 15 January 2014

It's Out Today!
Our new-look New Year edition is out today (January 15), full of all the usual World of Cruising style, but much, much more.

Our new ownership and new design team have been at work to provide both a completely revamped style (see our new Front Cover, left) but an array of new features and columnists that ensure we stay Europe's leading cruise publication.

We still have the same specialist knowledge and unparalleled understanding of the cruise industry, but now there is also a sharper focus and more well-defined approach to what we do, making it brighter, more readable and, well, cruisier, than we've ever been before.

Editor Simon Veness says: "Having been with the magazine for 15 years now, I can confidently say this is the most eye-catching and well-focused edition we have ever produced. It is absolutely packed with the usual great writing, comment and insight, but we have dramatically expanded our range of punchy, aspirational features that will make readers think 'I want to go THERE!'

"We have invested heavily in new design elements, including new type-faces, layout and photography that ensures our premier reputation both with the industry and subscribers alike. And this is just the start. There is a LOT more to come in 2014."

If you haven't subscribed yet, you can still take advantage of our opening half-price offer on our website here: