Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Cool hand Dirk confronts a laundry crisis in TV documentary The Cruise Ship

It wouldn't be a documentary without a crisis, real or manufactured. In the first episode of ITV's The Cruise Ship, filmed on Princess Cruises Royal Princess, and showing at 8.00pm on July 11, hotel general manager Dirk Brand has to cope with an overflowing laundry, while his fellow crew members ensure that the formal night celebrations pass off smoothly. Meanwhile, new spa worker Kelly, at sea for the first time, is struck by a bout of homesickness.

In the second episode, to be broadcast a week later, ambitious deputy cruise director Dan dares to create a game show. Will his boss, Samantha Hawker-Thomas, be impressed? Kelly, meanwhile, is still struggling to adjust to life at sea, and seeks solace with Liz, the ship's mother hen. 

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