Sunday, 6 July 2014

Day 7 with Hurtigruten in Greenland

Happy Greenland National Day here in Upanarvik!  Greenland’s National Day falls on the first day of summer and it snowed! Great fluffy snowflakes floated down as we were walking around the town. It was great to see the red and white flag of Greenland flying so proudly in front of many homes and the local people dressed up in their traditional formal clothing. I noticed that the colours match Hurtigruten's Fram too!

There seems to be a hard core of early risers from about 5.30 on deck photographing or wild life watching. George spends a lot of time changing his lenses but he's producing some fantastic shots. 

To celebrate National Day there were several activities organized. There was a sermon in the church which was followed by the choir singing and coffee, tea and cake in the Community Hall.  A service at the cemetery followed the church service.  Because the town is built on solid rock the graves are above ground encased in concrete and covered with stones. Then plastic flowers secured by fishing nets are placed over them. In accordance with Inuit tradition the cemetery overlooks the ocean as all life springs from the sea.

 Later in the day at, the choir sang and there was traditional Greenlandic dancing at the King’s Square. At 2 pm The Elders Association started selling Greenlandic specialities, if you do this cruise do try and taste some of them. Yummy!

The sun has not gone below the horizon in Upernavik for several days as the town is at 72º47’. We will have at least three more of those endless days. But now we're off southwards to more adventures with the ice! 

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