Saturday, 5 July 2014

Day six with Hurtigruten in Greenland

We arrived at Illorsuit at about 9 a.m. and the Polar Cirkel boats used by Hurtigruten as opposed to zodiacs ferried us over to the small settlement.  A strange place with polar bear skins hanging out to dry along with wolf fish and halibut being dried for the dogs on wooden frames outside the houses.

One hut had a Narwahl, Walrus and Musk Ox skull on its verandah and the owner of the house proudly showed us his photographs of his kills.  Down by the harbour we met a local family in traditional costume and a local fisherman/hunter who told us how his life had change due to global warming. It was a visit of mixed emotions but truly fascinating.

In the evening Michael our Greenlandic member of the Expedition Team played and sang for us on  his guitar and guitarlalee with traditional Inuit and modern western songs. Snuggling up to my glass of wine with yet another lovely evening meal inside me it was a really nice way to finish a great day.

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