Wednesday, 24 September 2014

From Greece to Australia - more of CLIA captains' favourite ports

Day three of  CLIA cruise ship captains talking about their favorite ports.

Symi, Greece – Captain Nikos Charlaris, Louis Cruises

“As you glide into the long, natural harbour at Symi, you feel like you have slipped back in time. Perhaps the prettiest harbour in Greece, tiers of neo-classical mansions, owned by sponge fishing millionaire and shipping magnate are set in an amphitheatre bay overlooking crystal clear waters. The harbor has been a protected architectural site since the 1970s, which means it keeps its authentic and peaceful feel.”
Sydney, Australia – Captain David Pembridge, P&O Cruises

“The most spectacular sail-in in the world must be Sydney. In the early morning, before dawn, the ship sails from the turbulent waters of the Tasman Sea through The Heads into the calmer waters of Port Jackson. The unspoilt shores of the harbour are only faintly visible in the twilight as she turns to port to commence the passage through the navigation channels that will bring her into the heart of the city.
“Early morning ferries and adventurous yachtsmen criss-cross ahead of her as she continues towards the outline of Bradley's Head, sitting dark against the lightening sky. As dawn approaches, the turn to starboard around Bradley's Head brings the moment for which all of the watching passengers and crew have been waiting; the fantastic city skyline, the iconic Opera House and the vast span of the harbour bridge come into breath-taking view and welcome all on board to another wonderful visit to this magnificent city.”