Friday, 3 October 2014

Day Six of our walking cruise on Black Watch - Oysters, pubs and bars

We had an enjoyable walk around Vigo this morning, climbing up to the castle above the town for views of the bay. Our local Ramblers Worldwide guide took us back through the labyrinth of the old town with its small bars  and shops to arrive at Oyster Street.  As the name suggest it‘s here you’ll find outside tables in this shaded area with chefs preparing the oysters for the locals to eat at nearby tables.

On returning to the ship I decided to take a drink before the evening meal in the Morning Light Pub (above and below). For World of Cruising readers who have travelled on Black Watch before Fred Olsen have made a number of significant upgrades onboard and the Morning Light is one of them. 

Formerly known as the Piper’s Bar, it has been transformed into a stylish light and airy space with comfortable red leather sofas and matching curtains. The Scottish décor has been removed and replaced with oil paintings and stained glass windows of 19th century sailing ships.

Large glass cabinets behind the bar hold a selection of spirits and the whole place has an air of sophistication.  It’s the ideal place for a cocktail or that special after dinner coffee with a brandy or even a drink before the show in the adjacent Neptune Lounge. The two pumps offer Stella Artois and Boddingtons, both equally welcome after a hot day walking in northern Spain!

Fred Olsen have also incorporated the Café Venus near the library with chocolates and coffees to die for, but more of that tomorrow after we get back from our walk in Oporto.

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