Monday, 6 July 2009

The Future of River Cruising? (by SV)

With news of the demise (in 2010) of Peter Deilmann's river cruise operations, American operator AMA Waterways is looking to jump into the gap. Represented in the UK by Fred. Olsen Cruises, a weekend press release insists AMA is "the future of river cruising" in Europe.

While it may be a tad too soon (like, about 12 months too early!), to make any predictions of all-encompassing success in the river cruise ranks, it is probably a smart move by AMA to flag up their options (especially at the luxury end of things) in a bid to grab a greater share of the market, especially since the launch of their new, five-star MS Amalyra (above).

AMA expects to increase river cruise business in 2009 by "up to 200%" (although even a 1% increase would actually fall within range of that quote!), with a similar figure projected for next year.

Now, the question is, will Viking River Cruises (the UK and Europe's other big river operator) throw their hat into the ring for "the future"?

For more details of AMA Waterways cruises, look up or try Fred. Olsen on 01473 746175. To book, as always, call The Cruise Line Ltd on 0800 008 6677.