Friday, 22 January 2010

Set Sail for Adventure

Here at Cruise Central (i.e. anything to do with World of Cruising magazine and The Cruise Line Ltd!), we have set our sights very much on adventure cruising as our 'theme' for 2010, if you like.

And, the more we have looked into it, the more we have discovered a truly rich and rewarding array of possibilities for not only cruise adventures, but life-enriching experiences of ALL kinds.

In compiling our forthcoming new Adventure Cruise Collection (more details in due course!), we have found there is a magnificent variety of voyages to all corners of the earth, each with an upmarket aspect but also with something that marks them out as utterly unique.

Just take a look at any of the following:

Aqua Expeditions on the Upper Amazon in Peru

American Safari Cruises for small-scale experiences in Alaska, the Sea of Cortez and Hawaii

Festiva Sailing Vacations for catamaran sailing in the Caribbean

Sakkara for luxury, personal voyage on the legendary Nile

Quasar Expeditions in the amazing Galapagos Islands

And Sultans of the Seas for yachting in the stunning Maldives

All feature true luxury, genuine, one-off experiences and a level of personal service that the big ships just can't provide. They also have that spirit of adventure which is such an important prospect for many people on vacation these days.

We have also been fortunate to get to know the wonderful Nomads of the Seas operation in Chile, where their purpose-built vessel the MV Atmosphere offers superb sailing and distinctive exursions into the heart of Patagonia, one of the world's true great wilderness areas, and packed with astonishing wildlife, local culture and vast scenic panoramas.

We will be venturing further with Nomads in the near future (including a trip to Chile's capital, Santiago, and their wonderful wine country), so watch out for our full story of their excellent adventure opportunities both here on our Blog and in the Summer edition of World of Cruising (publishing early June).

And keep an eye out for our new Adventure Cruise Collection brochure!