Thursday, 28 October 2010

New Fly/Sail options to the Antarctic Peninsula

By guest blogger Steve Newman

Aurora Expeditions have launched their Antarctica brochure for 2011/2012, showcasing their brand-new Fly/Sail options to the Antarctic Peninsula and their celebratory voyages to East Antarctica and Commonwealth Bay to celebrate the centenary of Sir Douglas Mawson's Australian Antarctic Expeditions.

These 26-day voyages are Aurora Expeditions' most adventurous in scope, with extended sea crossings and the chance to explore the pack ice edge, where much of Antarctica's marine life, including whales, seals and penguins, can be found. The voyages will visit Mawson's Hut and the abandoned French base at Port Martin, and the working research station of Dumont d'Urville. Prices start from $17,475 per person, twin share.

The voyage, "Emeralds of the Subantarctic," is a 13-day expedition focusing entirely on the stunning islands south of Australia and New Zealand. This one-off voyage takes in Macquarie Island and Campbell Island, the Auckland Islands and, depending on sea conditions, a rare Zodiac cruise of the Snares Islands. This region contains the greatest diversity of seabirds in the world, often in astounding numbers. It's a tremendous opportunity to visit a wildlife wonderland. Prices for this voyage start from $7,325 per person, twin share.

Aurora Expeditions have also announced new Fly/Sail and Sail/Fly options, associated with their South Georgia & Antarctica Peninsula voyages. The Fly/Sail options have been designed to reduce sea time on these journeys. On two of the South Georgia voyages, participants will fly from Santiago in Chile to join the ship in The Falkland Islands, and on a third, the trip finishes in Stanley and participants fly to Santiago, reducing travel time by two days. The Fly/Sail voyages are 17 days in duration, with the first taking place from the 12th-28th November 2011, with kayaking and photography options, the second fom 5th-21st January 2012 with kayaking options, and the third from the 21st January-6th February 2012, again with kayaking options. Prices start from $11,685 per person based on twin share.

For the Antarctic Peninsula region, Aurora Expeditions are also offering Fly/Sail voyages for Christmas and New Year 2011/2012. The trips will travel south to the Antarctic Circle to visit remote regions such as The Gullet and Crystal Sound. The Christmas 10-day Sail/Fly voyage takes place from the 19th-28th December 2011 with prices starting at $7,340 per person, twin share, while the New Year Fly/Sail 9-day voyage takes place from the 28th December 2011-5th January 2012. Prices start from $6,525 per person, twin share.

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