Wednesday, 3 November 2010

South America with Noble Caledonia

By guest blogger Steve Newman

In 2012, Noble Caledonia are repositioning MS Island Sky to South America and have just launched the new brochure which features itineraries from the tip of Patagonia up to the West Indies.

From January to April 2012 she will operate a number of cruises throughout Latin America, up as far as Central America and through the Panama Canal to little known areas of the Caribbean.

Having been involved with many small ships in South America and the West Indies, Noble Caledonia know this area to be ideally suited to expedition cruising. The wild, open spaces of Patagonia and the dramatic coastal scenery of the Chilean fjords make for an unforgettable trip particularly if you prefer the cooler temperatures.

Alternatively, Chile’s lake region and northern territory with its magnificent national parks combines well with the natural and cultural wonders of Peru. Continuing north along the Pacific coastline, there is the chance to explore Peru, Ecuador and Costa Rica, including the remote Cocos Island, a mini Galapagos located some 300 miles out in the Pacific and an area much favoured by Jacques Cousteau, known for its sea turtles, rays, dolphins and hammerhead sharks.

Later in the season finds Island Sky exploring the little known but remarkably beautiful islands of the southern Caribbean Sea as well as the Caribbean Coast of Panama and Costa Rica. There will also be the opportunity to visit Cuba, the Southern Bahamas, Turks & Caicos islands and the pristine waters of the British Virgin Islands.

Why not join them for the Island Sky’s maiden visit to these endlessly fascinating waters and explore the wonders of nature and man with our accomplished expedition team and guest speakers?

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