Saturday, 18 December 2010

New from Aqua Expeditions

One of our favourite niche adventure cruise operations, Aqua Expeditions in Peru, have just announced the opening of their new cruise terminal in Nauta.

The new facility (above) provides a stylish lounge/relaxation station at the tributary of the Amazon where guests board the luxury, 28-passenger MV Aqua (and in the spring, their new boat, the MV Aria).

The open-air lounge situated at the edge of the river was designed by Jordi Puig, who also designed the Aqua Expeditions vessels. Most of the furniture is tailor-made, including the wood sink made out of one piece of locally sourced pumaquirowood.

The lounge includes a refreshment area, relaxing cushioned chairs and bathroom facilities. In addition to using it for embarking and disembarking passengers, Aqua also plan to use the facility for special group functions.

For more information, contact Dalia Gibu, Aqua's Marketing and Sales Manager, at

To book Aqua's 7-day Amazon cruises from the UK, call adventure cruise specialist The Cruise Line Ltd on 0800 008 6677 or get a copy of their Adventure Cruise Collection brochure.