Saturday, 8 January 2011

Low-Carbon Cruising, Anyone?

By guest blogger Steve Newman

Sailing ships have a lot less impact on the environment. So, for minimum impact, why not try a low-carbon sailing cruise? Also, with their shallower drafts, these smaller cruise ships can drop anchor off tiny islands and communities unvisited by the larger vessels, thus bringing low impact tourism and economic benefits to the smaller communities.

There are hundreds of unique options, everything from riverboat cruising down the Mekong in Vietnam and Cambodia to whale-watching vessels off Iceland. If you get that Columbus feeling, you can even take part in trans-ocean voyages or sail down the Nile on Bales’ six- cabin Edwardian yachts (left).

Bales’ four dahabiyyas are beautifully crafted 19th century-style river sailboats that revive the elegant days when aristocrats and sophisticated travellers cruised the Nile. Fitted out in colonial style with oriental and Egyptian touches, they have six individually designed cabins, thus producing very low impact on the environment and very few carbon emissions.

Bales Worldwide offers luxury holidays to more than 50 countries, including Canada, China, Egypt, Ecuador & Galapagos, India, Jordan, Peru and Tanzania.

For more information on Bales Worldwide, visit or for more on Nile cruising, contact adventure cruise specialist the Cruise Line Ltd.