Monday, 10 January 2011

New Nile Cruising Pocket Guide

By guest blogger Steve Newman

The brand new Nile Cruising Pocket Guide (£5.99) is to be published on January 31 by Berlitz, the publishers of the annual Complete Guide to Cruising and Cruise Ships. The Nile guide provides a wealth of information on exploring the River Delta and recommends a slow and leisurely cruise on a felucca to gain a deeper understanding of Egyptian culture and of the many communities that thrive within a few metres of the riverbank.

The Pocket Guide outlines the selection of Nile River cruises available, listing sites that can be seen on each, with map references. Among the cruises are Luxor to Edfu, the quieter stretch from Edfu to Aswan - home of the Aga Khan Mausoleum - and Lake Nasser, with her barren but beautiful sandy-coloured mountains.

Suggestions are given for choosing the right cruise, along with an outline of a typical day aboard, including early starts to avoid the mid-day heat.

There are also helpful onboard hints and traveller tips, from security precautions through to learning about the fascinating Sufi spinners who accompany the musicians.

A large section of the Nile Cruising Pocket Guide is devoted to exploring Luxor, the start and end point for many of the Nile Cruises, with its myriad of famous sites from the Valley of the Kings to Karnak and the less well-known Mummification Museum. A double-page spread offers recommendations on how to spend ‘A perfect day’ in Luxor – beginning with a balloon flight, crossing over to the east bank for shopping in the souqs, taking a felucca ride along the Nile as the sun slowly sets behind the Valley of the Kings, and ending the day with a ride in a horse-drawn calèche to Karnak Temple.

There are recommendations for sports and outdoor activities including ballooning, camel and donkey trekking, as well as bowling and golf. Entertainment listings include tips on shopping – advising on the fun that can be had from haggling. There are details on eating out – what, where and how much to pay – as well as drinking, and the delights of smoking a sheesha (hubble-bubble) water pipe.

The Nile Cruising Berlitz Pocket Guide is written by Egypt specialist Chris Bradley and is available from bookshops or online at, priced £5.99.

For further information on Nile Cruises, contact the river-cruise specialists of the Cruise Line Ltd on 0800 008 6677.