Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Summer Issue On Its Way!

OK, after much wrestling with printing, proof-reading and late advertisements, we are going to print tomorrow with the fab new Summer issue of World of Cruising magazine.

And it should be a truly memorable edition for any number of reasons:

Adventure Cruising: we go to the depths of Borneo with our Cover Story, cruising the Rajang River and discovering some amazing wildlife; we also explore Polar cruising from the perspective of the Bridge of Lindblad Expeditions' National Geographic Explorer.

Destination Features: we take you to Iceland and Canada, Marrakesh and the Mediterranean.

Ship Features: it's a real big-ship fiesta as we investigate the charms of the Nieuw Amsterdam and Celebrity Eclipse.

Luxury Cruising: top cruise writer Gary Buchanan details the eye-catching style and quality of the new Marina of Oceania Cruises and Anthony Nicholas looks at proposed new line Pacific Star Cruises.

Top Topics: we also take a look at cruising for the disabled and the evolution of maritime safety through the essential SOLAS requirements.

And all your regulars! Yes, there is also the full frange and depth of our usual features, from cruise blogger Captain Greybeard and our Aft View to the World of Spas, the latest Cruise Fashions and all the top Cruise News.

You can't afford to miss our latest edition, so be sure to subscribe now!