Monday, 22 August 2011

The World's Most Northerly Train

(Continuing my day-by-day look at my epic Arctic voyage with Hurtigruten)

Welcome to the world's most northerly settlement at
Ny Alesund, with what must be the world's most northerly train. Now just a museum piece, she rusts away quietly after pulling wagons of coal to the port for some thirty years.

Another day of fabulous scenery and fantastic history and wildlife, too. Reindeer, brent goose and ivory gull were all spotted today, with us cruising close to some incredible glaciers.

I wish had more time and space to tell you about this wonderful place but I guess you'll have to wait for it to appear in
World of Cruising next month!

This place is surrounded by signs warning you not to go outside the settlement as polar bears are around. All the houses have shovels and skis by the doors, with 4x4s parked outside.

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