Thursday, 9 February 2012

Eco Applause For Zegrahm Expeditions

We are big fans here at World of Cruising of the eco-friendly and environmentally aware policies of Zegrahm Expeditions, and we were delighted to see this press release this week, which points out their  amazing range of charitable donations and charity work in the areas where they travel.

Definitely another reason to think of a cruise with them:

SEATTLE, WA (February 8, 2012) - Each year Zegrahm Expeditions, the leader in adventure travel, has made it a tradition to donate to charitable organizations in the name of the company’s passengers, travel advisors, and friends as a part of the  World of Thanks campaign.  Because of increased interest in African expeditions, this year Zegrahm decided to donate to organizations that focus solely on the needs of the region, specifically Uganda, South Africa, and Sierra Leone.  In December, Zegrahm asked their community to vote on their favorite organization and the donation dollars were divided based on the number of votes each received.
With 50 percent of the votes, Zegrahm Expeditions was pleased to present Light Up a Life Project (LUALP) with over 50 pairs of shoes for the children of the Bwindi Watoto School and Orphanage in Uganda.  LUALP is dedicated to providing basic educational necessities and life skills to vulnerable children in the impoverished and remote areas in Africa. 
“Our World of Thanks program encourages greater awareness and understanding of the challenges faced in each region we visit,” stated Jon Nicholson, President of Zegrahm Expeditions. “It was especially gratifying to see the children’s faces when presented with new shoes, a true testimony to the generosity of Zegrahm’s exceptional travel community.”
In addition to working with Light Up a Life Project, Zegrahm also donated to the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds and Greatest Goal Ministries.  The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) rehabilitates oiled, injured, and ill seabirds, as well as prepares and manages those birds during oil spills.  In addition, SANCCOB aims to raise awareness about conservation through environmental education.  Greatest Goal Ministries (GGM) works with the disabled and the war-affected amputees of Sierra Leone.  GGM has supported a number of incredible projects, including the delivery of 600 pairs of crutches and 110 wheelchairs. 
Travelers interested in visiting and participating in these projects can join one of Zegrahm’s expeditions this spring:
  • South Africa and Namibia by Sea (March 18 - April 4, 2012; from $12,980) visits SANCCOB headquarters to observe the seabird rehabilitation process in person
  • Tracing the West Coast of Africa (April 7 -24, 2012; from $12,980) will visit Greatest Goal Ministries, enjoy a lively soccer match, and meet the survivors
  • Classic Uganda: A Primate Paradise (June 2 -15, 2012; from $13,980) travelers may have the opportunity to visit the orphanage and see firsthand how LUALP is working to improve the children’s lives
To learn more about the World of Thanks, request a brochure, or to make a reservation, please visit

Picture (above): the Light Up A Life project in Uganda with some of the children (pic courtesy