Sunday, 26 February 2012

Go Wild With Exodus

From gorillas in the dense jungle of Uganda, king penguins in the frozen plains of Antarctica and black bears in the National Parks of Canada, the world’s most beautiful and wildlife awaits with Exodus Travel. Responsible travel projects including Penguin Lifelines for the Antarctic penguins and the Bandhavgarh Project to conserve the Bengal Tiger.

Standing toe-to-toe with a Rwandan Mountain gorilla, looking down precision optics at a cheetah family or being just metres from a polar bear cub in the Arctic can be life-changing moments – and Exodus, the UK’s leading adventure tour operator, has a brand new brochure, Wildlife Encounters 2012–13, offering a selection of the best wildlife experiences imaginable. Here's an example:

Tigers in Focus - 11 days of wildlife in Bandhavgarh, one of India’s top tiger reserves, from £1,599, including flights. Next departure dates are March 8, October 25 and November 8. 

Cradled between mountain ranges, Bandhavgarh boasts a breathtaking mixture of dense green valleys and rocky hills. This stunning park, home to a huge variety of wildlife, including leopards, Chital deer, wild boar, sloth bear and wild dog, as well as an astounding variety of bird species, is most famous for the density of its tiger population, the highest in India. Although Bandhavgarh is remote, the journey is well worth it and, with 8 included game drives, this trip will deliver unrivalled tiger-viewing success.