Friday, 24 February 2012

Welcome Back The Spring With Hurtigruten

As the snow slowly melts away, the sun ventures back above the horizon and the days get longer, the Norwegians celebrate the return of spring. Now, for the first time, guests travelling with Hurtigruten between March 15 and May 31 can enjoy their journey under a brand new ‘Arctic Awakening’ theme. This includes a wide range of shore excursions and onboard activities and the celebration of the Norwegian National Day on May 17.

Shore excursions take guests closer to the marine life, migratory birds and coastal animals and allow them to experience the Norwegian spring awakening first-hand. Included is the brand new ‘Kayaking in Tromsø’ excursion where participants paddle along the coast surrounded by an impressive mountain landscape. 

Other excursions include a trip to the largest seabird colony in Scandinavia on the bird island of Runde and to the national park on the Varanger peninsula, which is home to an overwhelming number of different species of birds.

The theme of the activities on board is ‘Secrets of the Sea’ and guests will get the opportunity to learn different skills, such as how to shell prawns and fillet fish, all under the guidance of local fishermen who come on board especially for this purpose.

The zest for life shown by Norwegians during spring finally culminates in the National Day, which is celebrated on board all ships in the Hurtigruten fleet, with guests and crew coming together to celebrate with handmade banners, singing and dancing. 

In the ports, guests can mingle with the locals amidst a great deal of excitement and laughter, with many locals coming on board to sample the delicacies of the Norwegian cake buffet. A variety of talks are also offered on the ships, providing guests with information about the history of National Day, the royal family of Norway and the national costumes.

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