Saturday, 21 April 2012

Cape Verde Fogo Volcano

World of Cruising's arch-blogger Steve Newman continues his latest trip, an adventurous cruise into the Atlantic with Noble Caledonia...

Well what a day that was. Landed on Fogo via the zodiacs and explored the fascinating city of Sao Filipe with its incredible indoor market. 

Loads of ladies selling every conceivable type of fruit and vegetable and others cutting up fish to sell. Upstairs were the fabrics and clothes, with local music playing out - loud!

Then up to the crater of the huge volcano some 3,000ft high with another volcanic cone inside it.  Amazing sights.

I tried the local wines, which are grown inside the crater, and they were very good! It is incredible how people can make a living seemingly out of nothing. Lunch was amazing under the shadow of  the volcano.

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