Thursday, 19 April 2012

Cape Verde Part 4

World of Cruising's arch-blogger Steve Newman continues his latest trip, an adventurous cruise into the Atlantic with Noble Caledonia...

Up at 6am as we left port to sail the 18 miles to the island of Maio.  This is unique as we are the first cruise ship to visit the island by tying up to the jetty, so the Mayoral party came to greet us. 

Fantastic watching the sun come up as we scanned the ocean for the Cape Verde humpbacks and dolphins. 

The expedition team helping us with identification of the birds are itching to see whales. We had a really good lecture this afternoon on whales and dolphins so we are all ready tomorrow to identify them from the bow.

Maio has quiet dunes and secret beaches but the little town is fascinating to explore with its pastel houses. The birders walked over to the salt flats and back along the white sand beach while the shoppers headed to the town and then the beaches for a swim.   

None of us had seen water so clear and so inviting. The people are even more laid back here than on Santiago! 4pm saw an ice cream social event in the bar - a great relief to those of us coming back to the ship!
For more information on Noble Caledonia cruises, follow this link to The Cruise Line the UK’s luxury adventure cruise specialist.