Monday, 23 April 2012

Cape Verde Part 7

World of Cruising blogger-in-chief Steve Newman continues his latest trip, an adventurous cruise to the Cape Verde Islands with Noble Caledonia...

Another amazing day in these fantastic islands. Today we visited the island of Santo Antao and once again this island seemed better than all the others. 

It is the greenest of the islands and we looked down into a giant volcanic crater with crops growing in the bottom, lush valleys and saw terraces that reminded me of China and Peru, growing bananas and sugar cane.

Huge mountains and roads that were simply unbelievable with precipitous drops either side were the stuff of the morning. 

We followed the road from the fishing village of Ponta del Sol, where locals cleaned the fish they had caught in the sea and sold it on the sands, to the village of Fountainibas (pictured, above) which has to be seen to believed. 

I have never seen a road like this that was only as wide as our bus and gripped the mountain side with corkscrew turns and had drops of hundreds of feet just inches away.

A visit to a “Grouge” (the islands’ traditional rum drink) distillery in the back yard of a large house was fascinating. To see it being made in the traditional manner without an aluminium pipe or a health and safety hat anywhere in sight was really great! 

To top it all, we had a fabulous barbecue on the stern deck overlooking the island as the sun went gently down. A truly fabulous, unforgettable day.

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