Thursday, 14 June 2012

Titan Expands No-Fly Cruise Tours

Titan Travel has expanded its no-fly cruising to Norway’s Fjords, Cape Verde Islands, the Iberian Peninsula, the Black Sea and France’s River Seine and Oise.  

Each tour begins and ends with the unique Titan VIP Home Departure Service ensuring passengers arrive at their destination relaxed and ready to enjoy the tour. In the UK, guests are driven directly to the hotel in which their holiday starts, bringing the holiday feeling right to their front door.   

Examples include the Taste of the Cape Verde Islands cruise, which takes in breathtaking landscapes from West Africa to the Southern Mediterranean, including Casablanca, Lanzarote, Madeira, Dakar in Senegal and the Cape Verde Islands. It’s a chance to experience colourful African markets, fascinating islands and a diverse range of cultures by sea. This 22-day no-fly cruise starts from £1,995 per person.  

Alternatively, the 29-day Voyage to the Black Sea sets sail in early Autumn for some of the Mediterranean’s classic treasures, including Gibraltar, Palma, Malta, Crete, Athens, Istanbul and then on through the Bosphorus to Varna in Bulgaria, Odessa, Sevastapol and Yalta – the Pearl of the Crimea. This 29 day no-fly cruise starts from £2,995 per person.  

Leaving Dover in early September, the 8-day Fjordland Splendour explores Norway’s fjords and the chance to cruise along deep-water inlets of mirror-glass water, looking up at high-waterfalls, colourful villages and mountain peaks all from the comfort of cruise ship the Black Watch. Eight-day itineraries start from £995 per person. 

For more information, look up and for more on ex-UK cruising, follow this link to The Cruise Line Ltd, the UK’s leading cruise-agent specialists.