Saturday, 7 July 2012

Hapag-Lloyd's Expedition Season

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is offering 12 expedition itineraries operated in English/German in the season 2013/2014. Their small and beautifully appointed expedition ships, MS Hanseatic and MS Bremen will be travelling to Alaska, Spitsbergen, Iceland, Greenland, the Northwest Passage, the Amazon, Chilean Fjords, Antarctica, the South Seas, New Zealand, Antarctica, Africa and Madagascar. 

The Hanseatic, a 5-star expedition ship and the Bremen, a 4-star-plus version, were created to provide intensive exploration in elegant surroundings for a maximum of 184 and 164 guests respectively. Here are the highlights.

The Earth’s Most Southern Continent – Antarctica
Antarctica Circle: This 18-day itinerary on Hanseatic is from February 13-March 3, 2013. Rates start at $12,760 per person. The 18-day itinerary on Bremen is from January 9-27, 2014, with rates from $10,890.

Secrets of the Exotic Pacific – New Zealand and The South Seas
New Zealand: This 15-day itinerary on Bremen is from March 4-19, 2013, from Bluff to Auckland, with rates from $7,240.

South Seas Spring
This 17-day itinerary on Bremen, with stops in Australia, New Caledonia and Fiji, is from March 19-April 5, 2013, from Auckland to Fiji, with rates from $8,100.

South Seas Fall
Hanseatic's 22-day cruise in 2013 makes stops in Palau, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Island, from October 15-November 6, sailing from Manila in the Philippines to Fiji, with rates from $11,390 per person.  

Three Adventures in One – Spitsbergen, Iceland, Greenland
This 18-day itinerary is from July 14-August 1, 2013, from Longyearbyen/Spitsbergen to Kangerlussuaq/Greenland, with rates from $11,740.

The World’s Most Mysterious Route – The Northwest Passage
Sailing a 24-day itinerary is this offering from August 16-September 9, 2013, from Kangerlussuaq in Greenland to Nome, Alaska. Rates for this itinerary start at $20,320 per person.

Paradise on Earth – Expedition Madagascar and Africa
This 17-day itinerary is from December 1-18, 2013, from Port Louis in Mauritius to Cape Town, South Africa, with ratyes from $7,020.

For more info on Hapag-Lloyd's adventuring cruises and bookings, follow this link to The Cruise Line Ltd, the UK’s leading adventure-cruise specialists.