Thursday, 1 November 2012

Follow Us On The Mississippi!

It's time for another 'live' cruise with World of Cruising this month as we head out for a unique voyage along the mighty Mississippi on the brand new Queen of the Mississippi of American Cruise Lines.

Our voyage goes from St Louis to Memphis for a look at the heart of America's greatest river, taking in parts of Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee. This route is part of the great paddlesteamer era of the 19th century and offers a genuine view of some essential American heritage, from Native American history to the travels of Lewis and Clark and some of the essential Civil War battles.

Along the way, we will discover the likes of America's "most haunted city" (Alton, Illinois), a former French trading post (Cape Girardeau, Missouri), the Chicasaw village site of Paducah (Kentucky), the Civil War port of Columbus (Kentucky), the town that made history as the epicenter of the most powerful earthquake to hit the US (New Madrid, Missouri), the bustling historic town of Tunica (Missouri) and finally the City of Elvis, Memphis itself.

It promises to be a fascinating look at small-town America and the charms of a different age, when Mark Twain travelled the river and the world was a much slower, gentler place.

And we will also be travelling in some style. The Queen of the Mississippi was launched this August and is in her very first season of travels up and down the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. A classic-style stern-wheel paddlesteamer, she is built in retro style but with all mod cons and features, including larger-than-average staterooms, gorgeous lounges and public rooms, and a reputation for fine dining in the best traditions of American Cruise Lines.

It promises to be a fascinating and charming journey, so be sure to check in with us every day as we bring you a daily look at this genuine five-star travel experience.

It all starts on Saturday, November 3, and will last a full week (internet connection permitting!), and we hope to have some great photos to go with the daily blog. The full review, of course, will be in the Spring edition of World of Cruising.

And make sure you keep reading next month as we travel to wonderful Hawaii! 

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