Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Mövenpick's New Nile Style

Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts is thrilled to announce new options for travellers wishing to explore the magical River Nile in Egypt. Adding five new Nile cruisers to its fleet - SS Misr, once the royal yacht of Egypt’s former King Farouk; the boutique luxury sail boat Mövenpick SB Feddya; and the long cruise vessel Mövenpick MS Hamees, as well as the Mövenpick MS Darakum and Mövenpick MS Sunray - the Swiss hotel company is now the largest international operator on Egypt’s River Nile, with a total of eight boats.

The SS Misr is undeniably the fleet’s flagship and is the only internationally managed steamship in Egypt. Built in the United Kingdom nearly 100 years ago, it is a ‘floating time capsule’ from the reign of King Farouk, who converted it to his private yacht in 1938 and used it especially for his birthday celebrations.

On-board facilities include a swimming pool on the sun deck with recreation and bar, reading and play rooms, a large restaurant and lounge, bar, gift shop and a clinic to add to the guests’ care and comfort.

The five new vessels all now fly the Mövenpick flag alongside the existing Mövenpick MS Royal Lotus, Mövenpick MS Royal Lily and Lake Nasser cruiser Mövenpick MS Prince Abbas, to give the company an unrivalled variety for travellers looking for that unique blend of Egyptian warmth and hospitality infused with Swiss service and heritage. 

For more on Nile river-cruising, be sure to contact The Cruise Line Ltd, the UK's luxury river-cruise experts.