Sunday, 25 November 2012

Saga Sapphire’s 2013 Epic Journeys To The sun

You have to love a good, flowery PR intro - and this is one of the best, from Saga Cruises....

As long as man has existed, he has been drawn to the different seasons as the earth revolves around the sun and the phenomena which surround this celestial sphere. As the latest jewel in Saga’s fleet, Saga Sapphire will shine brightly next year as she travels to destinations where the sun and earth come together in an incredible spectacle of nature, or where the warmth of the sun is sure to delight sun worshippers.

In search of the Northern Lights
- Watch nature’s own theatre unfold above you
Seeing the aurora borealis is a jaw-dropping and mystical moment. This extraordinary voyage to the far reaches of Norway passes through Viking heartland and across the Arctic Circle. Along the way, passengers can explore Norway’s picture-perfect scenes of remote villages, majestic glaciers and peaceful fjords. A selection of optional winter activities include dog sledding, snowmobile safari and an overnight stay at the Alta Igloo Hotel, which is made entirely from ice and snow – even the beds!
A few Superior Cabins are still available on this very special trip, which departs March 12, for 16 nights. Prices start from £5,519 per person.

Land of the Midnight Sun
- Head North to the Arctic for the ethereal glow of the night time sun
This unforgettable journey unveils the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Arctic Circle as passengers sail far north to the ‘top of the world’. In Norway, gaze upon sparkling fjords, waterfalls, glaciers and mountains then explore the country’s most captivating cities and fishing towns. A highlight of the trip is the journey along the ice barrier besides spellbinding glacial scenery to Magdalena Bay, one of the most remote ports in the world. Find blue ice packs towering like icy skyscrapers as you travel as far north as you can without an icebreaker. Passengers and crew will be on the lookout for walrus, Arctic fox, reindeer and bowhead whales. 
Cruise departs on June 19, for 15 nights, and prices start from £2,671 per person.

Africa and the Solar Eclipse
- A journey of epic proportions to 0°latitude and 0°longitude
Join the voyage of a lifetime as Saga Sapphire navigates the coastlines of Spain and Africa to view a phenomenon which occurs only once every 19 years. This total eclipse will be special as it will cross both the Equator and the Greenwich Meridian at 0°latitude and 0°longitude. On November 3, the Captain will position the ship for passengers to witness a hybrid eclipse of the sun. From this incredible vantage point (weather permitting), guests will observe in awe as the sun shrinks from view, giving a new meaning to “sun-downer” cocktails on deck.
Departing October 18 for a 28-night voyage, prices start from £4,292 per person.

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