Sunday, 30 December 2012

Argentina v Falklands - Cruise "Cowards" Row Rumbles On

Since the Daily Telegraph highlighted the decision of more cruise lines to pull out of visits to the Falkland Islands after "intimidation" by Argentina (i.e. by the Argentinean ports saying they cannot guarantee the safety of visiting ships that also visit the Falklands), and our red-hot debate over whether this amounts to cruise cowardice - more news agencies have picked up the story and highlighted the massive iniquity in operation here.

Our columnist Captain Greybeard added a blog about it on his regular posting for the Daily Mirror, pointing out our editor's comments on the situation and highlighting the lines involved.

The Shipping Times also weighed in with more government reaction to the ongoing dispute, which, of course, dates back to Argentina's dispute of the sovereignty of the Islands, claiming them as their own while they have been a British territory since 1833 (with the 1982 War being the most obvious example of that histility).

Another Telegraph story highlights British PM David Cameron's call for the Islanders themselves to send the world a definitive message about their nationality wishes in their March referendum.

Friday's Montreal Gazette also mentioned the issue in their weekly cruise round-up, opining that "Hopefully, Argentina will grow up when it comes to allowing ships that berth in their ports to visit the Falklands." We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

And even USA Today has covered the story, asking if Argentina should be boycotted as a result of their rogue behaviour (another view we would share whole-heartedly).

It will be interesting to see if more mainstream media pick up on this theme in 2013, and if the UK's Passenger Shipping Association has any comment about it.