Saturday, 13 April 2013

Take A 'Secret Retreat' To Asia

The Floating World of Asia - Sojourn the Seas in Search of Mystery, Adventure, Dragons and Mythical Wonder
Travel like the explorers of centuries past who sailed the seas of the Far East eager to discover the great unknown. Embark on a voyage to Eastern Indonesia, where you will find the famous Spice Islands or encounter the primeval looking Komodo Dragons. Experience the exotic cultures of South East Asia as you cruise along the Mekong that runs through China's Yunnan province, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Savour a slice of Kashmiri lifestyle on board a luxury houseboat on Dal Lake and approach the "venerable city" of Srinagar.

All these experiences are possible with the deluxe touch of Secret Retreats, who invite guests on a journey of adventure and mythical wonder as they explore the floating worlds of Asia.

Silolona Sojourns - Indonesia
The Silolona is a modern incarnation of Indonesia's majestic sailing ships which were used by the Bugis people for centuries. Made from tropical hardwoods and constructed using the indigenous methods of the Konjo people of Sulawesi, the Silolona offers the discerning traveller comforts of the highest standard while preserving the charm and elegance of timeless travel.

Special Offer: Solely operating on charter basis, Silolona is generously offering individual travellers the opportunity to experience their beautiful vessel from June 1-6 for a "Cruise throughout the Komodo Archipelago." The voyage starts from Labuanbajo, sailing north up the eastern coast of Komodo Island to Sabolon Island, the Rinca island park to see the Komodo Dragons in their natural habitat, then the Padar for sea kayaking, water skiing, diving and snorkeling, Batu Muncul for some stunning crescent-shaped beaches with pristine white sand and Banta Island known for its large population of giant turtles and manta rays. And finally back to Labuanbajo. Rates are $2,136 per day/person in the Master Cabin or $1,495 per day/person (all taxes included).

The Jahan - Mekong River Cruise
A product of a hopelessly romantic tale, the Jahan was the original name of a boatin which the mesmerising Lady Kashmira and British poet Lord Byron eloped when their love was not accepted by her aristocratic ancestors. A harmonious blend of luxury, elegance and sensuality, it is hard not to feel of noble descent as you are served your Royal High Tea, prepared to perfection every afternoon.

Special Offer: Get 30% off public rate in June and July by booking via Secret Retreats, now from $2,800 for 7 nights, with additional benefits, including FREE upgrade from Superior to Deluxe (subject to availability); $100 redit voucher per cabin for Spa treatments; a 10% discount on bar bills. And for August 2013: Get 20% off public rate by booking via Secret Retreats, from $3,140 for 7 nights, with free upgrade from Superior, Deluxe to higher category (subject to availability) and $100 credit voucher per cabin for Spa treatments.

Sukoon Houseboat - Dal Lake, Kashmir Valley, India
Sukoon, a Sufi term for an elevated state of mind that combines peace, wisdom, and contentment, is Kashmir's first ecological houseboat, created as a haven where you can relax and revitalise. Surrounded by lotuses and the pristine mountain ranges of the Himalayas, Sukoon is moored on the tranquil Dal Lake in the heart of Kashmir Valley.

Lotus Houseboat - Kerala Backwaters, India
The Lotus houseboat offers you serenity and relaxation while cruising through the languid backwaters of Malabar, the undiscovered jewel of northern Kerala. Embark on a blissful journey that offers an exceptional combination of four days at Neeleshwar Hermitage, a stylish retreat on a peaceful palm-fringed beach, and a two-day cruise through the tranquil Malabar backwaters.

For more info, visit; for more luxury river and adventure cruising, follow this link to The Cruise Line, the UK's luxury cruise specialists.