Friday, 21 June 2013

Seadream Set Sail For Papua New Guinea

Few areas in the world are as exotic and stunning as Papua New Guinea. The land's vibrant culture is still thriving and its natural beauty makes the territory a truly untouched tropical paradise. Departing from Cairns, Queensland, on February 1, SeaDream II of the award-winning SeaDream Yacht Club, will set sail on an exclusive voyage led by a team of expedition experts. Visiting a virtually inaccessible part of the world, guests will travel on far-off traditional cruising routes and venture into areas rarely visited by outsiders.   

Sailing from Australia's north-west coastal city of Cairns, the 14-night voyage will arrive in Bali (Benoa) after visiting include Alotau, Milne Bay; Kitava, Trobriand Islands; Tami Island; Sepik River and Watam Village; Jayapura; Banda Neira; the Moluccas; Larantuka; and Komodo Island.  

Guests will be transported by a fleet of nimble, go-anywhere Zodiacs, landing directly on the beaches of these coastal villages to begin exploration. An added bonus will be professional wildlife photographer Sue Flood being on board, documenting the expedition and sharing tips for taking the perfect photo. 

Highlights and shore excursion options include: 

  • Introduction to Papua New Guinea culture in Alotau in the Milne Bay Province, meeting charming locals and touring the coast. Travellers will have the option to venture into the jungle to revisit a key World War II site. For those interested in natural history, guides will lead guests on hikes and bird watching tours from the beach.
  • Exploring the Trobriand Islands, one of the island's most culturally intact destinations. Guests will experience colourful and powerful performances of young warriors and local maidens dancing directly on the beach before touring the gardens and thatched roof homes of the villagers. The day will conclude with a beachside barbecue in this unspoiled paradise.
  • Discovering the tiny islands of Tami, comprised of uplifted coral atolls less than a kilometre in length. Locals will greet guests with indigenous dances and tours of their villages, observing traditions dating back thousands of years.
  • Visiting the mighty Sepik River, the longest in Papua New Guinea, which is home to the villages of Watam and Kopara. Villagers will display local customs and dances, allowing a direct look back in time to a culture that measures its existence in thousands of years. 

Fully-inclusive, voyage-only yachting fares lead in at £7,272 per person, based on double occupancy. SeaDream II will be sailing a series of 17 voyages in Asia from October to April. Itineraries include Myanmar, Thailand, India, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Northern Australia and Malaysia.  

For bookings, follow this link to The Cruise Line, the UK's luxury cruising specialists.