Monday, 6 January 2014

Expert Line-Up For American Cruise Lines

The educational onboard aspect of cruises is becoming more and more noticeable these days, and it is no surprise to see the line-up of guest speakers being highly touted by many lines.

The move to provide that element is most noticeable on the small-ship lines, though, and it is really illuminating to see this being taken to increasingly high levels.

With that in kind, we were really impressed to see the latest press release from American Cruise Lines, which adds another layer to their thoughtful river-cruise style.

Their carefully selected array of experts offers a series of informal lectures, open discussions and activities that bring alive the local history, nature and culture. These experts also lead shore excursions while in port, providing even more insight into the destinations they visit.

And foremost among these is the Riverlorian, a knowledgeable person who shares the rich history and folklore of America's rivers with passengers. It is a notable feature of Mississippi cruises in particular (check out our special blog series in October 2012 on board ACL's Queen of the Mississippi).

With that in mind, ACL have unveiled their latest line-up of onboard experts as follows:
 Sam Ladley

Sam Ladley

Sam is a New England maritime historian who has been travelling with ACL for many years, giving enthusiastic presentations on themes such as colonial settlement, Native Americans, whaling history, coastal and island communities, and shipbuilding. His expertise in America's nautical and colonial past guarantee a deeper appreciation for the regions he travels.
 Charles Petrocci

Charles Petrocci

Charles has travelled and worked in more than 35 countries and written over 900 articles and reports for universities, national and regional publications. He currently serves as a maritime cultural heritage researcher and consultant for numerous universities, museums and non-profit organisations. His lectures focus on coastal maritime history, fisheries, and the heritage of the Atlantic Coast.
 Toots Maloy Riverlorian aboard Mississippi River cruises from American Cruise Lines

Karen "Toots" Maloy

Toots is an expert river historian with a distinguished history on America's rivers. A perennial passenger favourite, "Toots" brings the history and culture of America's great rivers to life with her wealth of knowledge.

Todd Weber

Todd Weber

Todd Weber brings tales of the patriots, fur traders, Indians and explorers of America alive through his period clothing and colourful presentation. This highly celebrated, river-running historian shares his appreciation for the stamina, ingenuity and character that existed in those who helped shape the history of America on the Columbia River.