Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Project Orient Survey

The intriguing prospect that is Project Orient - a planned new cruise line operating traditional liner-type services between Britain and Australia - has put out an urgent plea for all cruise-goers to respond to its online survey to gauge interest in the potential idea.

It is a genuinely new and novel proposal and the company is continuing to work towards securing funding this year for the long-term dream of resurrecting the classic liner service to Australia.

In case you have not already seen it, Project Orient has a new website at, featuring various press coverage about the project and the all-important Survey, which asks a number of questions about potential interest in taking the traditional 26-day voyage, which would call at the likes of Rome, Suez, Dubai, Singapore and Mumbai, as well as Fremantle, Perth and Sydney.

Project Orient are in the process of building alliances with tourist boards, designers and banks, and aim for a full launch once an equity partner is signed on.

It remains a pipe-dream for now - but with the potential to be a very real and tempting cruise line if the cruise-going world shows sufficient interest

And it certainly shows more sign of becoming a reality than the ludicrous Titanic II idea of Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, who has yet to sign anything remotely resembling a ship-building contract more than a year after trumpeting his sea-going nonsense at two high-profile dinners in New York and London that many media outlets bought hook, line and sinker!

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