Saturday, 22 March 2014

Nile Cruises with Bales Worldwide

Here's the second of our luxury Nile cruising under sail blogs today from us here at World of Cruising.
If you prefer something a bit more sedate and up market than the modern day Nile cruise then Bales Worldwide have four Dahabiyyas - the Amber, Musk, Nesma and Zahra - beautifully crafted 19th century style river sailboats that revive the elegant days when aristocrats and sophisticated travellers cruised the Nile. The vessels are fitted out in colonial style with oriental and Egyptian touches and comprise six individually designed cabins, an elegantly furnished lounge and two sun decks to admire the fascinating scenery while relaxing to the sound of the soft billowing sails and the ice chinking in the glass.
8 days  departing November 8   £2095
More Info:  0844 488 1158
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