Monday, 7 July 2014

Day 8 with Hurtigruten in Greenland

Today we visited two places where some of Hurtigruten Expedition Team were placed in different places to warn us about possible polar bear sightings – rather be safe than sorry.

In the morning we landed at Qullissat a deserted old coal mining town which was abandoned in 1972. It was really fascinating walking around the town and I managed to spot an Arctic Fox under one of the buildings whilst two Arctic Hares were seen outside the town.

At lunch time King Neptune paid us a visit and poured ice cubes down the back of the neck of those people who had not crossed the Arctic Circle before!  Here's Richard Webber who was writing a piece for the Express getting the treatment!

In the evening we reached Eqip Sermia which is a Glacier located about 80 km north of Ilulissat. Eqip Sermia is about 3.5 km wide and the wall is about 150 m high. We were told not to walk on the beach because if the glacier calved there would be small tidal wave which would be very dangerous. 

We walked around and look at this beautiful Glacier and I spotted eight Long Tail Ducks with the males displaying.. Crashes like thunder or cannon shots came out of the the Glacier at short intervals.  As we left we saw thousands of Capelin swimming right under the boats at the landing site.  We left Eqip Sermia around midnight and some people took a jacuzzi on the outside deck while enjoying the beautiful icebergs.

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