Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Day Two In Greenland with Hurtigruten

The joy of the midnight sun is that if you can’t sleep you can go out on deck and watch out for the wildlife. So at three a.m. I found myself looking at Minke Wales and a herd of Greenland Seals feeding off the port bow. The sky and sea were an incredible shade of blue but you are never far away from cold in the Arctic as the wind roaring through the spill holes of the bow reminded me.

Susimiat is small town with vibrant, strikingly coloured buildings. Every house seems either  perched on a cliff face or underneath one with fishing vessels dotted in the harbour. Giant Blue Whales jaw bones mark the entrance to the museum.  From here whilst others took a city tour or went for a hike in the mountains I took a boat trip to the island of Attanatataq. Snow Buntings and Lapland Buntings were hopping about the deserted buildings whilst our guide gave us a fascinating talk about the island's history.

The group after us saw a Bowhead Whale and the group who tried a "A taste of Greenland" also had a great time.  

Sisimiut is the second largest Town in Greenland with its almost 6000 inhabitants. It doesn’t look that big from the harbour but once you're off the ship and walking around  clearly that it isn’t a small town. WE also had our first meeting with the Greenland sled dogs. A separate breed that arrived here with the Inuit some 3000 years ago. More of them as we progress through the cruise!  Tomorrow we are off to Qeqetarsuaq.


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