Thursday, 21 August 2014

Fun nights in the cruise ship casino? You bet !

Cruise passengers from the UK gamble an average of £146 in the casino during their holidays, according to a survey.

Four out of five passengers head for the gaming tables and slot machines during a cruise, and a quarter come away regretting their losses, according to the study carried out for online travel agent

Not surprising when the 2,759 people questioned revealed they came away with an average of £58 each.

Fourteen per cent of those using the on-board casinos had never gambled before and a further 23 per cent only went along to keep their friends or family company.

Steph Curtin, cruise development manager for bonvoyage, said: ““While a night at the blackjack table will undoubtedly be a fun experience, one should most likely set a few rules prior to gambling.

“It is always recommended that passengers set aside a budget of how much they are prepared to gamble (or lose!) each day of their holiday. I would also advise the intake of alcohol is limited throughout your time spent gambling, as you may wake up with a bad hangover and an empty wallet!”

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