Wednesday, 8 October 2014

At Honfleur with Fred Olsen and Newcastle beckons.

This morning we arrived at Honfleur.  A short walk from the ship found us in this lovely old town (above). Some five hours later after panoramic views from the hills above the town and a walk along the beach back to the breakwater I came back to check my emails and write this post whilst the others explored the town.

Our Ramblers Worldwide team lost the quiz by only two points last night so we are hoping for better results this evening after the show. I have to say I am not one for entertainment on cruise ships but Fred Olsen has produced some excellent shows on board in the Neptune Lounge. Plus this comfortable arena has also held not only the fascinating lectures but an immensely enjoyable classical guitar recital.

Tonight’s meeting is for members and ex-members of the Armed Forces. As with all the meetings of societies and groups Fred Olsen can arrange a cocktail party with all proceeds being donated to the R.N.L.I.

Regular readers of World of Cruising magazine will know I prefer the smaller ships of less than 300 people on board but I have to say have been pleasantly surprised by Black Watch. Fred Olsen are making a range of updates to her and she goes into dry dock in November. She may be an old lady now and this can only help improve what is an essentially British product.

As we prepare to sail away to Newcastle the hot autumn sun is still beating down. I fear it will not be like this when we get home, so many people are taking advantage by strolling around the promenade deck (below) or simply reading in the sunshine. See you tomorrow!

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