Friday, 31 October 2014

How Princess Cruises made themselves the consummate hosts

DAY THREE of our guest blog from CruiseMiss Danielle Fear, from her recent Canary Islands cruise from Southampton, aboard Emerald Princess (above)

One thing I noticed on Emerald Princess was how fast the crew managed to get passengers off the ship in port. Rather than sit at a stationary computer, the security staff had portable scanners that were clearly pin-point accurate as not once did I see them having to call a passenger back.

A huge queue that wrapped itself around the atrium several times was dispersed within mere minutes. It was a breath of fresh air given the size of the vessel and the number of passengers  on board.

Boarding again after a day ashore was not quite as fast, which is to be expected because of security checks, but at least getting off in the first place was far from a stressful experience. I was very impressed.

My time with Princess Cruises was certainly something special and I would recommend you give one of the Princesses a try for your next cruise – they were indeed the consummate host.

My cabin steward on Emerald Princess was the best I have ever had on any cruise ship in more than 20 sailings. Nothing was too much trouble for him and several times he really did go above and beyond, and without me or my travelling companion having to utter a word. Now that is what you call good service.

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