Monday, 6 October 2014

Hidden gems and and a cool breakfast in Lisbon with Fred Olsen

Another enjoyable day of walking with the Ramblers Worldwide group, this time in and around Lisbon (above) one of the world’s most compact cities. A long walk but well worth it as our local guide showed us sights not seen by most tourists. Mind you they were in some wonderful places, such as underground toilets, but we finished up on a high hill above the city with a great view.

Back on the ship quite a few decided to take a dip into the pool or just enjoy a lazy hour under the sun. Tonight Lions, Rotarians, Inner Wheel and other charitable organizations are meeting in the Morning Light Pub carrying on Fred Olsen’s ethos of supporting those that help others.

We had breakfast this morning at the third of Black Watch’s improved public areas, The Grill (below). Situated by the swimming pool and formally a self service buffet area that has been totally stripped out and now replaced with a full kitchen it offers “Premium Food” (lobster, T-bone steaks) at dinner.

The poolside has now become an elegant fine dining al fresco area. It has 80 covers and is popular with guests for breakfast and lunch.  Reservations for dinner cost £20 as the menu is totally different from that a served in other areas. Grilled foods and barbecues are also on offer but as the ship often sales in cooler climates of the world the opening times are dependent on the weather.

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