Monday, 20 October 2014

Princess brings weddings at sea right up to the present

princess wedding at sea

Romance is in the air again at Princess Cruises, which seems determined to wring every ounce from its Love Boat reputation.

The line was the first to offer a sea-going wedding programme back in 1998 – until then the thought of as Captain performing a ceremony at sea was just a myth. Now Princess’s “Tie The Knot” wedding programme also offers harbour-side and beachfront weddings at some ports of call.

And of course Princess ships were the location for filming TV series The Love Boat.

Today’s move has much more of a modern ring to it – couples will be able to create their own online registry to encourage friends to contribute towards the cost of a cruise honeymoon and to pay for shore excursions, spa treatments, romantic dinners and even cocktails by the pool.

All very sweet and dewy-eyed, but someone should help UK managing director Paul Ludlow get with the programme – his suggestion that “many couples [are] already co-habiting before marriage,” meaning that “the traditional home-start gifts are often not needed” is distinctly unromantic.