Friday, 7 November 2014

The Grand Tour revisited by Voyages to Antiquity

This cruise from Voyages to Antiquity echoes the idea of the Grand Tour.  Then, as now, Rome and Venice were not to be missed, and Florence and the ruins of Pompeii were also popular.  As well as the "Grand Tour" favourites, this cruise also takes you to the  Roman Palace of Diocletian in Split, and the Greek theatre at Taormina  . 
After a two-night hotel stay in Venice, Aegean Odyssey will cruise along the Adriatic to Sicily. Visit the Greek theatre at Taormina and then onwards to Sorrento and Rome, visiting historic sites on mainland Italy, including the ruins of Pompeii (above) and Herculaneum. Sail along the French Riviera to Marseilles from where you will travel to the Papal Palace at Avignon and the Roman amphitheater at Nimes. Your final destination is Villefranche where you can pop along to Monte Carlo for the evening.
16 days  £2,695  Departs from Venice 20 May 2015.
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