Friday, 8 April 2011

Great Rail Journey's New Brochures

Why fly to start your cruise when you can go by the relaxing and sedate way of rail travel, as did the travellers of a bygone age? Great Rail Journeys are specialists in escorted holidays by train. They offer more than 200 individual rail tours to over 40 countries. With in excess of 30 years of experience, they understand exactly what makes a holiday by train - or a 'land cruise' - successful.

There is nothing quite as relaxing as a cruise combined with a gentle rail journey. Savour ever-changing scenery along the tranquil banks of the Seine or travel effortlessly past the majestic castles and enticing views of the Rhine, Seine and Elbe. Head out into the open sea across the crystal-clear Mediterranean or the Norwegian coast, stopping at fascinating port towns along the way. There, rail cruises offer the best of both worlds. Train and cruise holidays that combine the luxury of a cruise with the relaxing convenience of a train.

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