Monday, 9 May 2011

More Special Guests For Paul Gauguin Cruises

Paul Gauguin Cruises has announced an expanded line-up of renowned artists, lecturers and entertainers for its 2011-2012 sailings. The impressive roster of onboard presenters, as well as exclusive excursions and exhibits on board MS Paul Gauguin, provides guests with educational experiences to enhance their appreciation for the natural and cultural history of French Polynesia.

As part of the authentic Polynesian experience, guests are invited to sample the local cuisine and watch electrifying performances, or choose to indulge in traditional Tahitian spa treatments and experience the beauty of French Polynesia through an array of optional shore excursions.

To further enrich the onboard experience, Paul Gauguin Cruises offers lectures by special guests in art, history, ecology and Polynesian culture. Lecture topics include the history of the South Pacific, the conservation of coral reefs and marine creatures, astronomy, island formation, black pearl farming and much more. In addition, respected Polynesian artists offer regular exhibits of paintings and photography. Celebrated guests include:

Bobbie Verdegaal: The ships's onboard naturalist, Verdegaal is a trained marine biologist and environmental educator with extensive experience in the waters of French Polynesia. With her wealth of knowledge and engaging manner, she is well equipped to teach and discuss a wide range of topics associated with the marine environment of the beautiful South Pacific.

Mark Eddowes: An acknowledged authority and researcher in the field of Polynesian anthropology, this renowned archaeologist, scholas and gifted raconteur is on almost every voyage with entertaining and enlightening lectures.

Cecile Gaspar: President of Te Mana O Te Moana, a non-profit organisation dedicated to conservation, education and research, Gaspar will enlighten guests on the organisation’s efforts to rehabilitate sick and injured sea turtles and return them to the deep.

Gotz Donaghy Philippe: Appearing on the July 9 sailing, painter and artist Philippe uses his in-depth knowledge of Polynesian life to pen a humorous comic strip. Donaghy is also an expert on the Polynesian art of tattooing, having written several books on the subject. Guests will gain a unique perspective of French Polynesia through his artwork.

Jean-Pierre Vigato: Parisian Celebrity Chef Vigato - owner and Chef PropriƩtaire of the two-star Michelin-rated Restaurant Apicius in Paris - will join guests aboard the July 30 culinary sailing where he will personally prepare gourmet dishes and offer demonstrations of his culinary techniques.

Devlin, the Matador of Magic: A professional magician for more than 30 years, Devlin brings a Latin flair to his style of magic, which has earned him the sobriquet "Matador of Magic!" The recipient of the Society of American Magicians’ highest honour, Magician of the Year, he has appeared (and disappeared!) on stages around the world - including select sailings onboard Paul Gauguin.

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