Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Walrus and Glacier Day

(Continuing the day-by-day blog of my recent Spitsbergen trip)

Well what a day this turned out to be on our cruise with Hurtigruten. Watching some 40 Walrus watching us under the midnight sun was pretty memorable.

This happened on the tiny crescent-shaped pebble island of Moffen some 80 degrees north, which is also only 2 yards high. What on earth the Walrus do when there is a roaring Arctic gale with huge waves is beyond me.

That was followed by the unforgettable experience of taking the small Polar Circle boats and cruising through the ice field beneath the huge Monaco Glacier and along its wall.

Crushing our way through the ice into patches of clear water, we found the occasional Harp Seal sunbathing on the icebergs whilst Glaucous Gulls were on the look out for a quick snack. Can't believe this week has gone so quickly and tomorrow we fly home.

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