Saturday, 3 September 2011

Zegrahm's Youth Education Camp In Zambia

Zegrahm & Eco Expeditions, an adventure travel company, has partnered with Children in the Wilderness to educate youth in Africa on environmental conservation and life skills. The six-day wilderness safari camps hosts rural children between the ages of 8 and 16 from seven southern African countries. Children are paired with park guides, who educate on the importance of conservation and introduce the youth to the beauty and diversity of the natural environment.

“Each year Zegrahm Expeditions has made it a tradition to donate to an organization that does charitable work in a region our expeditions visit or to a cause near and dear to our hearts,” stated Jon Nicholson, President of Zegrahm Expeditions. “I am pleased to sponsor the Children in the Wilderness camp as a thank you to our loyal travellers, travel advisors, and friends for their continued support.”

Zegrahm Field Director Jonathan Rossouw and photographer/videographer Giovanna Fasanelli, were able to take part in the Zegrahm-sponsored camp in Zambia in June. The pair participated in the activities set up for the children, which included going on game drives, a scavenger hunt to determine the difference between trash and recyclables, seeing a Thornicroft’s giraffe found only in the Luangwa Valley, and watching elephants feeding.

The children also learned life lessons ranging from HIV prevention to the uses of medicinal plants. Other camp activities included arts and crafts, soccer and potato sack races. The Children in the Wilderness programme gave the very best knowledge, and fun, to the youth who participated.

To learn more about Zegrahm Expeditions and their small-group expeditions to Zambia that stay in the same camp that hosted the children, visit or for more on adventure cruises, visit the specialists of The Cruise Line Ltd.