Sunday, 30 October 2011

Whale Sharks with Zegrahm in Mozambique

In March of 2012, one of our favourite eco and adventure-cruising lines, Zegrahm Expeditions, will celebrate a first as they visit the coast of East Africa on an inaugural tour. This Mozambique Odyssey visits Tanzania and South Africa aboard the spacious 110-passenger Clipper Odyssey.

The World Wildlife Fund is partnering with Zegrahm on this exceptional journey, which includes a visit to Quirimbas National Park, co-created and expanded by the WWF and now the largest marine protected area in the Indian Ocean and Africa. Quirimbas was once the poorest province in Mozambique but now has the country’s highest growth rate thanks to the park.

WWF’s involvement ensures that local communities and park authorities alike share both the benefits and the responsibilities of managing the park on land and at sea. Guests on this expedition will see just how much support is needed—the park protects over 750,000 hectares of coastal forest, mangroves, and rich coral reefs including the abundant marine life, sea turtles and hundreds of fish species.

In the middle of Zegrahm’s journey, cruise to the beautiful beaches of Punta da Barra, where passengers will have the opportunity to see whale sharks, which are present year-round in this area, and there’s a good chance of seeing manta and devil rays, loggerhead and green sea turtles, and even bottlenose dolphins. Snorkel and swimming excursions among this incredible marine life will be very high on the agenda.

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